book cover of My Boss Is A Lion

My Boss Is A Lion

A Novella by

Rose Meyers, a struggling single mother of two, stumbles upon an unconscious man on her way home from an interview for a waitressing job. She calls for help and accompanies the handsome stranger to the hospital. When the man recovers, he’s impressed with the way that Rose handled the emergency and he offers her a job at his private investigation firm.

Joseph Sandford is a PI with a big secret. He is a former black-ops soldier whose DNA has been altered and combined with lion’s, making it possible for him to shift into beast form at will. The project was terminated when one of the subjects went rogue and killed half of the staff and scientists. Now, Joe and others like him live in hiding.

It doesn’t take long for Rose to fall hard for her hot new boss, but Rose is also concerned about him; he comes to the office battered and bruised and acts like nothing is wrong. Out of impulse, she tails Joe to find out what he’s up to and gets more than she bargains for…

Joe wonders what he’s doing when he hires Rose on a whim. Perhaps it’s the undeniable attraction he feels for his curvy new secretary, or maybe it’s something else. He tries to maintain professionalism between them but when Rose snoops too close to his secret, he just loses it. If a pair of handcuffs can’t keep her in line, maybe his lion can…

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