book cover of Do Bad Things With You

Do Bad Things With You

A collection of stories by

Welcome to Do Bad Things with You, from bestselling erotica author Lizzie Lynn Lee! Originally published as freebies on her publisher's newsletter, this collection of thirteen red-hot short erotic tales chronicles sexy encounters across several genres, including: contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, and BDSM. At this spicy banquet, there's a savory snack for every erotic palate. From a spontaneous quickie in Love in the Elevator to a widowed woman who rediscovers her sexuality at the hands of her younger bad boy in Naughty Librarian, this collection is a delightful addition to a smut lover's naughty bedtime stories.

Short stories included in this collection: Love in the Elevator, The Alien King and I, Jumping Bones, Bad Dick, The Donor, Payback, Sexopalooza, Wicked Game, Busted, Cyber Lover, The Wolf She Married, Games Grown Ups Play and Naughty Librarian.