book cover of Brianna\'s Fertile Virgin

Brianna's Fertile Virgin

(Book 11 in the Milk and Honey series)
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She wants a live-in lover who accepts her alternative amorous lifestyle. He's given up on love but secretly desires a life filled with milk and honey...

Now that the toxic medicine that made her baby crazy is out of her system, Brianna Horn isn't the pushover she'd always been. She's the one in control. Divorced and single, she's determined to live an authentic and honest life. This time around, she's in control of her relationships. She calls the shots. She tells her lovers what to do and when. The next man in her life will have to accept her rules, her alternative lifestyle and oh so much more...

Dr. Michael Boke has given up on finding love. He fantasizes of a happily ever after with a younger woman, but the one he wants is already living her best life. She's beautiful and fertile and lives a non-traditional lifestyle that he'd love to explore. But she'd never be interested in him. She's a powerful younger woman building on a successful career, while he's a wealthy older man, well-established in his professional career. She's experienced in the bedroom while he's never...It would take a miracle in the form of a confident and demanding woman for him to step out of his shell and date again.

Will Brianna's strong personality be too much for Michael or will it be exactly what he needs?

Brianna's Fertile Virgin is the eleventh book in the Milk and Honey series and is part of the Sensuality phase. While some might consider this a bit naughty, this short story might be exactly what you're looking for to warm you up and get your juices flowing.

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