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Sterling Files

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Steele by Sherri L. King After a year long coma, Marla has returned home from the hospital. But something about her has changed. Something unbelievable. Brian Steele, a vigilante and ex underground boxer, has come into Marla's life to protect her and help her understand her strange new abilities. But before long, he also has plans to seduce her down to her very soul. How will Marla, still weak and confused, cope with such a virile man as Steele? She doesn't know, but she's ready to learn. As soon as possible. Vicious by Sherri L. King People are not always what they seem. This old adage is especially true of vigilante Johnny Vicious. After Saving Enya from assassins, Johnny and Enya know an immediate and tense attraction. But a beat cop, John Spada, has come between the two star crossed lovers. And now Enya must choose between sane, sensible John or wild and untamed vicious. It's too bad she can't have them both. Fyre by Sherri L. King Mia is a fire starter. Desperate for a normal life, she's never been able to control her abilities, often finding herself back under the care of the scientists at Sterling. Ryan, the director at Sterling, has loved Mia since they were young, but he's never had the courage to tell her. She associates him with Sterling, after all, and an endless string of tests and doctors. When a dangerous assignment comes up, one that will place Mia in a very perilous position, Ryan knows he must act quickly to save the woman he loves and prove to her his devotion - before it's too late.