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(A book in the Sterling Files series)
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Part of the Sterling Files series.

Eva. A Hebrew form of Eve, the first woman. But Eva is not the first woman. Nor does it appear she's the last...

Born from the mind of a demented genius, Eva was created for a purpose. Preternaturally strong, possessed of myriad gifts, Eva's secrets continue to elude the Sterling scientists, her mysteries as dark as the Stygian pools of her eyes. She responds to only one - a Sterling soldier; a man whose power and darkness match her own...a man with whom she shares more than she knows.

One of Sterling's most powerful warriors, Dante also boasts many gifts - gifts that were thrust upon him. He brought swift justice to those who made him what he is, all save one - the same brilliant mind responsible for his unexpected obsession. Dante's passion for Eva is tortuous. Her beautiful face haunts his dreams, a nightly visit he would gladly welcome...were her face not so like his enemy's.