book cover of Ride the Lightning

Ride the Lightning

(A book in the Shikar series)
A novel by

This is a Shikar story, set in the same world as The Horde Wars.

Cursed like the mythic Cassandra, Luna is gifted with foreknowledge of Fate, without the power to alter its deadly course. Still, she is moved by hope and faith to try and change things for the better despite the odds. Time and again she fails, yet still moves undaunted and without fear into the dark shade of the future...until a force of nature jolts into her life and shows her the magic she has sought for a lifetime.In a quest to renew his waning desire to save humanity, Pulse leaves his Council seat and travels to the Territories of Earth. But before his quest can truly begin, he meets a strange and powerful woman who - by way of seeing the good of what could be - takes him on a journey with an end he could never have reached by himself.But Luna has seen the darkest destiny of all - and Pulse The Generator must use all of his power to save her from the very clutches of a death she has already seen...her own, if he is to claim her as his own.

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