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Magic Play

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Beyond Illusion Sherri L. King Beyond Magic... His powers defy logic - something Ellie clings to in a chaotic world. Beyond Lust... He sets out to seduce her and she has no barriers to stop him. Beyond Illusion... Vincent Darque may be more than just a drop dead gorgeous stage magician. Ellie is beginning to think so. And Vincent is going to make sure she believes. Roll Play Rowan West Amara has loved Griffin since she was a teenager but hasn't seen him since. He has figured prominently in her fantasies and as the hero of her books. Now she is flying to California to help turn her book into a screenplay. As dazzling as the prospect is, it pales in comparison to discovering that Griffin heads the studio. Griffin met Amara while participating in role-playing games with her brother. Although he had feelings for her, he couldn't make a move on his best friend's little sister. Until now. Now he has the means to bring her to him - and the magic to create a place for them to experience all the passion they feel for each other. Each night, a roll of the enchanted die brings Amara and Griffin into a dream realm where their every desire becomes reality. By day she gets to know the man, by night the lover. But is it only a game for Griffin? Because Amara knows her heart - and she is playing for keeps.