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Feral Heat

(The fourth book in the Moon Lust series)
A novel by

Book 4 in the Moon Lust series.
Adrian Darkwood, exotic and powerful alpha werewolf, has finally come to the end of his lifelong quest. He has found the true lineage of all werewolves. But all is not well in the small town of Applecress, Scotland. A centuries-old pact has been broken between human and werewolf, and retribution has been paid in blood.Mona Kincaid has dwelled in the shadow of her family's legacy all her life. Now, tragic events have brought her forth to protect a town of strangers thousands of miles away. She doesn't have time for an affair with the darkly sensual man who is following her every move. She doesn't have the time for his wicked kisses and hot embraces, even as she wonders at the sharpness of his fangs and the growl in his voice.Adrian and Mona have found far more than they bargained for. Mona must come to terms with her family's heritage and the town that depends solely upon her and Adrian must save his mate from the oldest werewolf pack gone feral...before it's too late.

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