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Happy Accident

A Novella by


Sabrina has been a fan of the band, "Scratch," for years, and she and her best friend, Katie, have finally snagged front row seats. An accident brings Sabrina and lead singer, Rob Burnett, face to face, and the two end up at a blues club together. The tables are turned on Rob, as the "star" becomes just another fan of the great blues artists playing in the local club. Sabrina finds herself struggling between being just another groupie pursuing a rock star, and her growing attraction to Rob, the man. Rob, whose wife has recently left him, finds himself quickly falling for Sabrina, and both of them pursue the night into a rock and roll fantasy turned flesh.

Warning: This title contains erotic situations, graphic language, sex and the ultimate fantasy come true when a female fan meets a sexy rockstar guitar god with enough pluck to make the g-string on your Stratocaster quiver for days.

I wanted to ask him what he was doing, what we were doing, what I was doing, where it was all going to go, but I didn't know how.

Instead, I asked, "Where's your wife?"

His eyes flashed over me for a moment and he made a noise in his throat, something between a snort and a laugh. "That's a damned good question."

I didn't reply and just looked out the window.

He cleared his throat. "She left me just before the tour started."

I stared at him, my mouth dry. "Oh." It was all I could think to say.

"Life on the road sucks." He sighed, adding, "Life sucks."

I nodded, pointing toward an exit sign. "Here."

He took the exit. "Tonight's the first time I've felt good about something--someone--in a long time."

I pointed right. "Turn here."

He did, taking the opportunity to look at me. "I feel like I'm walking around empty all the time."

I reached over and touched his arm, my eyes soft. "I'm sorry."

He shrugged. "Where am I going?"

"I don't know." I shrugged.

He laughed. "No, I mean, where's your house?"

I blushed. "Oh. Up here on the left. Just past the stop sign. The yellow one."
He pulled into my driveway, cutting the engine. It clicked in the silence. "I'll walk you to your door."

We got out and I shrugged my jacket on before locking the passenger door. Rob moved to my elbow, helping me up the stairs. I still felt dizzy, but it was starting to fade.
"Thanks." I held a hand out for my keys.

"No." He twisted my key ring around his finger. "Let's not do that."

"What?" I looked at him. The air filling my lungs was cold compared to the heat in my chest. I knew it was the alcohol making me feel so warm--either that or the toe of Rob's boot touching mine.

He pressed my keys into my hand. "Pretend. Play games."

"Okay." I looked for my house key, trying to distract myself. "Then let's stop."

He moved in, his hands sliding under my jacket and behind my back. I lifted my face to his, aching for him to kiss me, and he did, pressing me against the screen door and sliding his thigh between mine. I couldn't breathe and didn't want to, his tongue licking at my lips, begging for entrance. I slipped my free hand around to the back of his neck, slanting my head and pulling him in. I didn't know how long we kissed, but I had to break the connection, afraid of being lost. I pressed my forehead to his and gulped, my eyes still closed.

"That was better," he whispered. "Let's try it again." His full weight pressed against me as he captured my mouth once more, his hands roaming over my back. I whimpered, my keys slipping from my hand and plunking onto the cement porch as I hung onto him, my arms around his neck, letting him explore my mouth with his tongue.