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Four Seasons Winter 2009

An anthology of stories edited by

If the spirit and magic of the winter season wasn't enough to keep you warm as the weather turns cold, you can count on the erotica in this spicy anthology to do the trick! So let it snow, and curl up with your favorite eXcessica authors and this sexy, seasonal anthology, bringing you the best of all things winter!

Stories included from: Sommer Marsden, Kiki Howell, Mallory Path, Phillip Sweeny, Paul McDermott, J.M. Snyder, Alessia Brio and Will Belegon, Giselle Renarde, Rachelle Le Monnier, Saskia Walker and Selena Kitt.

EXCERPT (From "Gridlocked" by Saskia Walker):

Jo had been looking at what was apparently my cute little bottom. I didn't allow myself time to think about the fact I was going to be the naked one in this equation. I just responded while the buzz from her statement helped me along, unbuttoning my fly and pushing my jeans and my underwear down my thighs. My hands were shaking as I stepped out of the clothing and kicked them aside.

Jo nodded approvingly and then moved her fingers in a walking action, indicating I should turn around. Face burning, I turned around quickly. It was only the fact that she was looking at me with hungry eyes that made me brave enough to do it. I flicked my hair back over my shoulders, counting to ten to level myself. When I glanced back at Nigel I could see he was turned on. That helped, a lot.

"You two are amazing," he said.

"It's nice to be appreciated," Jo quipped. Then she growled n her throat and issued me an instruction. "Get on the bed, open your legs and show Nigel your gorgeous pussy."

Oh boy. She was looking at me right there and began to strip off her clothes as she urged me on. "Come on, don't keep us waiting."

I could barely drag my attention away from her body as it was being revealed, watching her as I moved onto the bed and rested back against the pillows. Then I cursed aloud, because Nigel was right there, watching me avidly. The bulge in his jeans assured me that this was distracting him from any damaged ego he might have had.

Jo climbed onto the bed beside me, her bare breasts swaying gently as she settled. "Open wide," she said and stroked me from breast bone to clit, before splaying my pussy lips with two fingers.

I had to shut my eyes before I opened my legs.

"Oh yes, so wet, aren't you, lover?" Moving her fingers over the slippery surface of my exposed pussy, she resisted her free hand on my chest, holding me steady.

Paperback Editions

December 2009 : USA Paperback

Title: Four Seasons Winter 2009
Author(s): Selena Kitt, Sommer Marsden, Kiki Howell, Mallory Path, Phillip Sweeny, Paul McDermott, J M Snyder, Alessia Brio, Will Belegon, Giselle Renarde
ISBN: 1-4499-5858-3 / 978-1-4499-5858-9 (USA edition)
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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