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Falling Down

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Lindsey is a bad girl, and she's determined to stay that way. She's been called a slut enough to know it's true, and she's not ashamed of the fact anymore. She makes it known to every man she comes in contact with that she's available for the taking - the rougher, the better. When she meets Lieutenant Zachary Davis on one of her many trips to the principal's office, she finally finds a man who refuses to treat her like the trash she believes she really is. But can Lindsey change her wayward, dangerous ways and learn to value herself the way the Zach seems to? -------- Warnings: This title contains graphic language, interracial, group and nonconsensual sex, a girl with a slutty attitude bigger than Texas covering a haunted past, and a sweet, hot man in uniform dead set on rescuing her from herself. -------- EXCERPT: "Another one's coming." He nodded toward what she knew now was a runway. "Another?" She leapt off his lap and stood on her seat, poking her head up through the sun roof. Zach did the same, grinning over at her as the second F-16 came howling toward them. Lindsey stretched her arms to the sky as it began to take off, gaining altitude, burning fire behind. It was high above when it passed over them, and she screamed out loud in competition with the noise, her hands spread wide to the stars. "Like it?" He smiled over at her, almost shyly. She laughed, sliding up on the edge of the sunroof and swinging her legs over the side. "I love it! Are there more!?" "Should be." He followed her out of the car as she went to stand in front of it, hugging her arms. "Three more." "Hold onto me." Lindsey slipped her arms around his waist, pressing her cheek against his chest as the next one came growling toward them, the sound reverberating under her feet. His hands pressed her lower back, a little damp from dancing at the concert and now from the heat of the night, pulling her belly against his. She turned her face up to him, slipping her hand behind his neck and reaching up on tiptoe to find his mouth. Their kiss grew hungry, and she squirmed in his arms, wanting more as the thunder of the plane grew closer, trembling her body against his. Her whole being burned, on fire, more alive than she had ever felt before. She grabbed his hand, the one pressed to her back, and urged it between her thighs, pulling it up under her skirt. "Lindsey - " He broke their kiss, moving his hand away, but she insisted, guiding his fingers, pushing her panties aside. He groaned when he felt her smooth wetness, her lips swollen and parted in her excitement. "Please." She gasped, her voice lost in the sound of the plane roaring overhead, but she knew he felt the urgency in her body as she pressed herself against him. The fire trailing behind the F-16 glowed for a moment like a beacon in the night, and she couldn't see anything else. His fingers moved between her legs, slowly exploring the soft folds, and he caught her mouth again, kissing her back toward the hood of the car. "Yes, yes, yes!" She spread for him in excitement, letting him push her skirt up over her hips as she slid onto the hood of the car, pulling her own panties down. When she reached for the crotch of his jeans, aching to feel him, see him, taste him, he let her rub there for a moment. The outline of his cock straining against the denim was almost too much for her to bear, and she unsnapped his jeans, wanting to set him free. "No." She only heard the word he spoke because the next plane was still far off, a low rumble in the distance, a crackling fire, like the heat between her thighs. Then she couldn't hear anything but the wailing sound of the F-16 heading down the runway toward them as Zach spread her legs and sank to his knees before her.

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