book cover of Tech Support

Tech Support

(The fourth book in the Working Stiffs series)
A novel by

Nothing's as important as good Tech Support!

When chairman of the board Chad Christopher, decides to go undercover in his high-tech company and check out the latest gizmo from their Boston division, he has no idea his alter ego, Chad Anderson, is about to walk into an adventure that will change his life.

Meredith Decker's brilliant engineering skills have resulted in a cool new project - and her two bosses are taking all the credit. She really hopes the new guy doesn't try and do the same thing... but it turns out that he's really nice. And good-looking, and funny. Before she knows it, she's in his arms and enjoying being taken in a different way. Multiple times.

Perfect, right? Until she sees his photo in the Sunday paper and learns who he really is. It's going to take more than upgrades and a phone call to fix this catastrophic failure. This time, it needs some serious tech support.