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Silk, Steel and Steam

A collection of stories by

History as it could have been. Powered by the heat of desire. Inspired by love...

Bluebeard's Machine by Mari Fee

When Annette discovers the secret her husband will kill to keep, the only safe place is with the man she once rejected. Isaac knows it would be easier to avoid repeating past mistakes by getting rid of the mysterious woman asking for his help - if she wasn't so irresistible. What she is could kill them both...unless Isaac abandons science for a second chance at love.

Flavia's Flying Corset by Sahara Kelly
Flavia arrives at Dr. Harland Gennaro's castle with no plans to reignite their former passion, but to retrieve what he stole - by any means necessary. After convincing her he's not the guilty party, Harland wastes no time testing the last of her new compound, "Icarus". But a thief watches, waiting for the right moment to strike...

Stealing Utopia by Tilda Booth
H. George Wells is leading Britain into a Golden Age - then he's kidnapped by a beautiful, passionate adventuress who despises everything he works for. Jane has reason to fear Utopia. Still, she's irresistibly drawn to George even as the future pushes them apart. She must choose between saving the man she loves... or sacrificing him to the cause.

Warning: This book contains gadgets, guns, death rays, dirigibles, sexy scientists, mad scientists, wanton murder, identity crises, boiling hot underwater sex and a smoking hot Victorian spy who's as much steam as she is punk. Don't blame us if it makes you want to slip a pistol into your garter and abduct the man of your dreams. Reading this book may stimulate an interest in the principles of physics, aerodynamics and the science of sexual arousal. The authors are not responsible for any injury incurred while investigating all three topics simultaneously.