book cover of Scars of the Lash

Scars of the Lash

A novel by

Sally AnnSex-and vampires! Stories combining both elements sent writer S.A. Moss to the top of the best-selling lists, but harsh dreams about them are beginning to unsettle her. Sally Ann is compelled by her nightmares to create tales of erotic, savage domination that shock even her! Perhaps she's going insane. Or perhaps there is some otherworldly force at work within her brain. . .one that has created a Master, a man who is everything she could ever desire-and more.SulianaAwakening to the lustful reality of distant Raheen, Suliana finds her Master ready to meet her devouring passion with his own as they rule together. But Raheen is a troubled planet, needing more than usual from its rulers. Suliana is not the usual Mistress, however, and carries within her the soul of a human woman. Perhaps it will be enough to save the world of Raheen from betrayal and disaster. . .and mark the beginning of a new species of vampire. . .Note: Contains brief male/male and female/female sexual interaction. Raheen is an intense and violent place where anything goes, and this book is not for the faint of heart.

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