book cover of Power, Passion and Payback

Power, Passion and Payback

A collection of stories by

One novella and four short stories written for women who appreciate unusual choices and thrilling nights of pleasure, along with a giggle or two.

Scarlet Angel

She is extremely good at what she does and doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion of her. She is, indeed, at the top of her career. But when real life intrudes, she finds her choices become a little more difficult.

Just Me and My Pal

Then there’s the gal who gets one heck of a surprise on St. Patrick’s Day...from a genuine leprechaun. Sometimes you have to be careful in your choice of words.

Dancing with the Studs

Dance class will never be quite the same for a woman who sheds her inhibitions along with her leotard when her two instructors have more than a foxtrot in mind.

Mixed Drinks

Haven’t we all yearned for that one perfect hook-up...the one where the sex is beyond magnificent and completely anonymous? It all starts with a drink at the bar...


Sometimes the extraordinary can happen to the ordinary, as this woman learns when she decides to take advantage of an unexpected delivery. But her decision may not have been wise.

(Scarlet Angel and the following three short stories have been published elsewhere, and revised/re-edited for this edition. PROTOTYPE is brand new and written specifically for this collection.)