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Peta and the Wolfe

(The second book in the Guardians of Time series)
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Guardians of Time - Peta and the Wolfe By Sahara Kelly Book 3 in the Guardians of Time series Max Wolfe is a very successful predator in the contemporary jungle. He might have let Emma Hansell slip through his clutches to marry Michael Gretty, but since then his conquests have been willing, luscious, and never left his bed unsatisfied. So why isn't Max satisfied any more? It's not Emma, and it certainly isn't Jasmine Wietsch. Maybe it's that darned woman he's working with... Peta Matthews is only too aware of her ordinary body, and the appealing charm of Max Wolfe. She has resigned herself to the fact that the two are mutually exclusive. What she doesn't expect is to be plunged into an adventure complete with murders, mysteries - and Max. And she certainly never dreamed that she might play an important role in the future. But the Guardians of Time know. Peta and Max both have roles to play. Ones that will take them to the edge of existence, and the borders of insanity. Because a madman is on the loose in a quiet New England town, and only Peta's love can save the day. Only she can tame the Wolfe and set time back on track. But first, she'll have to seduce his body and find that most elusive prey of all... his heart.