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Outside the Box

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When Lissa Henderson turns her back on traditional values and a stifling life of conformity, the last thing she needs is to break down on a lonely road in the middle of a storm. Finding herself is supposed to be an adventure, not a pain in the ass. Fortunately there's a guy drinking coffee alone in the almost-deserted diner not far away. Steve Mitchell is doing his own adventuring, after a bitter divorce shreds his emotions and sends him off with just his truck and his camper. He's not looking for anything except a relaxing break from his chaotic life. Then Lissa walks into the diner. It doesn't take more than a conversation to show them they both want the same thing. . .no entanglements, no commitments, just a good time-and a helluva lot of sex. But life doesn't always go the way it's planned. Sometimes it takes a little detour. . . Note: Contains brief male/male and female/female sexual interaction. Toni is out of a job, out of options and out of money. Desperate, she grabs at an unusual offer - work on a movie set. Thank God she's got a great body, because it's an adult movie and Toni's gonna have to get very,very naked. . . Paul is used to naked. He's been filming it for close on five years. With a spectacularly bad relationship behind him, there's no way Paul's ever going to get involved with anyone in the "industry" again. At least that's his plan. But some plans are destined to fall apart and Paul's sure does when he meets newcomer Toni. It's heat and sex, luxury and decadence, the beat of the Pacific and the steam from the outdoor spa. It's the world of adult movies and the folks who create them. It's also where two people find something special in each other. Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of female/female sexual exploration.