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Mystic Visions

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Dragon Fire By Myra Nour Xandor needs a soulmate to achieve the coveted status of fifth-level wizard. With the aid of some very powerful magic, he finds her. But Zira's people have some intriguing notions about courtship and bonding. Xandor needs to bring his lovely blue elfin-maid to three consecutive full-body orgasms... and to win her heart. Visions By Sahara Kelly A woman running from her past collides with a man hiding from his future. Nerin of Kushuk has no idea that the naked woman he saves from the river will bring her passions into his life and his bed. She may be a runaway slave, and the necklace she clutches may be stolen, but something about her captures Nerin as surely as the thin golden chain that holds a single painted eye. An eye that can see into their hearts and reveal their deepest desires... Black Gold - Zayed's Gift By Ann Jacobs Lots of hot sex with a sultry and willing Arab princess: that's Alina's prescription to shock American former POW Brian Shearer out of grief for the marriage that didn't outlast his imprisonment, and out of some of the conservative notions he's held since childhood. But neither anticipates the blazing passion between them. Can a magic necklace and the ghost of the old Marsh Arab who gave it to Brian overcome their differences and lead the way to lasting love?