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Legendary Tails III

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Close Encounters of the Carnal Kind By Delilah Devlin Cajun Etienne Lambert, ex-soldier fresh from the horrors of the war in Iraq, doesn't believe her when the alien woman on his doorstep says she's there to take him home. When he resists, she kidnaps him. He learns he is the last potent male of the ruling class of their planets and it's his duty to sire the next generation of rulers. Mariska is a fightership commander who succeeded where all the mages and trackers have failed. She's found her race's last hope for salvation! When the future king demands he start work immediately on the primary mandate of his rule - to sire children - she can't refuse his command. Hard Lessons By Nikki Soarde Kaley Carrone discovers that her wealthy husband has been cheating on her. She wants out of the marriage, but their prenuptial agreement will deny her the money - as well as the revenge - that she feels she is due. So she enlists the help of an old lover and his friend to stage a kidnapping that will net them a tidy sum of money, as well as make her husband suffer. The plan is good! However, spending three days alone with two handsome, dangerous, multi-talented men, a video camera and an assortment of Chinese takeout food has some consequences that Kaley didn't foresee. License to Thrill By Sahara Kelly When a flu epidemic at her top-secret Agency office thrusts administrator Jane Bradford into the front-line world of the agents themselves, the last thing she expects is to get a major thrill from the sexy voice at the other end of her communications headset. Even less does she expect the owner of that voice to be the man of her dreams. Of course, he's not perfect. He's older than Jane, for a start. By about a thousand years or so... Pleasure Port 27 By Kate Douglas An alien construct designed for pleasure, Mira provides sexual services for the men who travel the galaxies. Her place of business is Pleasure Port 27, otherwise known as Earth. But someone is watching her, someone is keeping track of each act she performs. It is imperative the voyeur die before he discovers what she is... but once she sees him, understands him, Mira realizes there is more to life than one sex customer after another. There is Evan - there is love, there is a chance to live as a real woman. If only she is willing to take the risk. The Last Bite By Melani Blazer Once the hunter... Laura hasn't seen her partner in six years - when an easy bounty capture went horribly wrong. She's back with a secret that threatens the man she once loved, who still sets her blood on fire with little more than a look. Now the hunted... Elliot has his sights on one vamp - his brother's killer. He's swayed from his mission only by the reappearance of his former partner. Their blistering passion makes him forget her cryptic warning, until he's forced to face it. Will Laura fare as well when his secret is revealed? Tight Places By Arianna Hart Savannah Malone has wanted to meet Carrick for months - but not when she's soaking wet and trapped in an elevator. Now that she's close to him she can tell there's more to him than meets the eye. But she has no idea how much more is waiting to be discovered under his expensive suit. Little does she know his real secrets are buried deep under the clothes he's oh so willing to shed. Exploring tight places has never been so exciting before.