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Haunting Love Alley

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Haunting Love Alley By Sahara Kelly , S L Carpenter Love Alley - a beautiful house deep in Louisiana bayou country. It's an unlikely inheritance for city boy Louis Beekman, but he falls in love with the place as soon as he sees it. He plans to renovate and restore its old-time spirit, but before long he realizes some old-time spirits are already there. Cory Lavalle has a unique psychic gift - to her the "other" residents of Love Alley are as natural as clouds in the sky. Convincing Louis isn't easy, even though the two of them find themselves swept into a love story that began long ago in Love Alley and has yet to end. The heat of the past erupts, sweeping Cory and Louis into a place where time has no meaning and long-ago events are as close as a kiss. The passage of centuries warps and blurs, demanding that desire heal the wounds of yesterday and love set the course for tomorrow. Eventually destiny must be fulfilled and the ghosts allowed to find peace, instead of Haunting Love Alley...