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The Gypsy Lovers

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They were the toast of the Ton. Six wild and handsome "Gypsies" enthralling Regency London with their music. Finding solace from war-torn France in the quiet English countryside, Viktor Karoly and his friends seek nothing but a measure of contentment, a chance to rest and play their popular songs. Forged into a unit by their common need to protect the weak, all six gather one summer evening at a country house for a partyaAEone that would split them up and send each on the adventure of a lifetime.Secrets would be revealed, their pasts would come back to haunt them, and for each man a womana"a special woman who could reach past their carefully-constructed facades and into the soul beneath. As fiery in bed as they are in their hearts, these Gypsy Lovers like nothing more than to burn up the sheets. However, none of them expected the resulting blaze to consume them or make them so much more than they were on that fateful summer nightaAE