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Game On

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Are you a die-hard science fiction fan of writers like Heinlein? Asimov? Ellison? Bradbury? Then go no further.

This is not the book you're looking for. (Jedi hand gesture.)

But if you consider yourself a bit warped, weird, twisted and slightly off the "normal" path, you might enjoy these two tales of erotic, funny, improbable, unlikely, but eminently recognizable, science fiction/fantasy adventures.

If you're a gamer (of any age) you'll find something familiar in "Level Up". It is, of course, in no way at all anything to do with a certain hero sporting a green hat and a sword, and his princess who waits so patiently for him to rescue her. Here, you'll find a royal heroine who fills the time with more erotically interesting things than hanging out her tower window, appearing to her hero in visions and generally being annoying.

For those readers who like to dabble in graphic arts, then "Joshua 4.0" will be right up your layer palette. With the current advances in technology, creative art is branching out... and virtual reality is getting closer to a wedding with digital artists. This story envisions the consequent unusual honeymoon... just imagine those 3D renderings coming to life and instead of being on your monitor - they're on your lap and about to nuzzle your settings!