book cover of Flame of Shadows

Flame of Shadows

A novel by

A seductive and vicious flame-haired vampire savages a young nobleman at a glittering ball deep in the forests of Europe, sending the resulting creature into darkness. It takes ten terrible years for him to find a new home, a new name and a man who understands not only what he is, but what he can be Adrian Chesswell. Son. Aging Sir Sidney Chesswell may not have adopted Adrian in the traditional manner, but he has chosen a man he likes...and one who ignites his scientific interests. The arrival of Katherine Edgeworth puts a different set of challenges before them both. Now Sidney must hurry to find a "cure" for Adrian while his son battles an overwhelming hunger for the intriguingly sensual Kat. And Kat? She has some secrets of her own... They must do more than share a bed, however, to defeat the savage evil that looms over them. They must trust and love, or the results could be fatal consuming them all in a flame darker than shadows.