book cover of Dragons, Dames and Video Games

Dragons, Dames and Video Games

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There's nothing like mixing laughter and passion with a dash of magic to create an exciting and entertaining read. This anthology contains three stories which accomplish that mission - with a little extra zing just for fun. Learn about Theobald the Unlucky, a dragon who isn't, but is stuck with the tail, scales and appalling breath. He's also stuck on Georgie, the thirteenth daughter of an unfortunate King. Sounds like unfulfilled desire...but as they say, where there's a castle and a dragon...well, we're not sure what comes next, but Georgie and Theo are destined to be together! So is wizard Andrew Cleese and the woman of his dreams. Demetria Lyon is an undeniable beauty, but not quite what Andrew expected. In fact, she redefines "Bitch on Wheels". It's up to Andrew to rekindle her belief in magic - and give her back herself. Without getting castrated in the process... Last but not least is a story dedicated to video gamers everywhere. If you've ever wondered if the characters had lives, the answer can be found here with Sir Lincoln of Green and his patient lover, Princess Zara. Sir Lincoln has to fight his way to her side and she has to find something to keep the hornies at bay while he's doing so... or it'll be Game Over for both of them!