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Have you wondered about the lifestyle you hear discussed at length these days? Are you intrigued at the possibility of some 'shades' of your own colour but nervous about what that might entail?

Here are four intertwined stories; four couples linked by a lifestyle which includes Domination and submission. From the fascinated beginners in Apartment 4B, through the semi-retired Dom in 6C, the lonely submissive in 7A, and the passion filled memories that lurk in the Penthouse, all these tales introduce you neophytes to different skills and levels of intensity. And they do so by introducing you to four couples... funny, entertaining, and just like you and me.

Perhaps this might be a good way to start exploring new ideas... and new sensations... you never know if you'll like it until you try it!

"The author writes the lifestyle well - these are real people, with real lives, jobs, worries, etc." Goodreads Reviewer

"The stories themselves were excellent, and the D/s aspects were very tastefully done, nothing over the top, and they make you think that maybe, just maybe, you could give it a try."
Five Star Amazon Review (print version; A Kink in her Tails.)

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