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Anasazi Fire

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Did the lost Anasazi tribe have their own kind of magic? Read on and find out...

Jane's Adventure
Jane Bradford isn't into solving historical mysteries, she's just trying to hold it all together when the entire office goes down with the flu and she's conscripted by her boss to take over "Control" duties, guiding an agent through a tough assignment.
He's got a voice made for sex, and when they meet she realizes he's got a body to go with it. Yeah, he's definitely date material. She doesn't realize he's older than she is... by about a thousand years!

Hot Dig
Archaeologist Midge Hayworth is persuaded to join a small crew heading out to map, catalog and dig around in an ancient Anasazi site. It's hot, dusty and the crew isn't what she's used to, but she's determined to see it through.
Professor Webster Jones is also hot, not in the least bit dusty, and Midge would like to get a lot more used to him. But the idea of him finding her appealing is right up there with pigs and wings.
However, strange things can happen when the desert skies darken and the rains fall in the high Anasazi mountains... oh... look... is that a flying pig or just the shadows of the former residents?

Kindle Editions

July 2018 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Anasazi Fire
Author(s): Sahara Kelly
Publisher: SK Private Label Publications
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