P F Kozak

P. F. Kozak has had a unique perspective on sexuality since she discovered playing doctor, long before puberty. Once her hormones blended with her imagination, exotic erotic fantasies were born, and stories filled her head. At university, she majored in English writing and theatre, intending that writing would give the burning in her belly a voice.

As life often does, it made other plans. Getting married and earning a living supplanted the dream of writing. Her skill with computers paid the bills. Seemly of its own accord, her career morphed into being a Network Administrator and Communications Specialist for an international shipping company. Writing became her hobby, rather than a career.

However, the dream only took a back seat, it did not die. Writing remained her passion and her joy. With the publication of her first two books, Passion and Sins and Secrets, being a writer is no longer a castle in the sky. It is real, and it is only just beginning.
P F Kozak's page on Fantastic Fiction

   Passion (2006)
   Sins and Secrets (2006)
   Take Me There (2007)
   Do It To Me (2008)
   Bound to Ecstasy (2007) (with Vonna Harper and Lisa G Riley)
   Trio (2008) (with Jane Ledger and Devyn Quinn)
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