book cover of The Wedding Deal

The Wedding Deal

A novel by

When Alexis Demitri makes a proposal of marriage to Tessa Jones, it is not one of love but a business deal.

"Because marriage is something that too many rush into with no real thought of what they actually want......I want a woman who understands my lifestyle...who will produce for me the children I want, and if all fails will not take away most of my business......or my children"

Shocked and disgusted by the proposal she turns him down, but Tessa has a problem. She needs money and lots of it to save her friend Andrew. When her grandfather finds out the problem he blackmails her into accepting the marriage proposal to ensure Alexis gives him access to minerals he needs.

Tessa is forced into agreeing, knowing that she will be tied into a loveless marriage with a man she finds herself falling harder and harder in love with.

However, when salvation shows itself...will she be able to walk away