book cover of Secretary for the Billionaire

Secretary for the Billionaire

(The first book in the Surviving Hearts series)
A novel by

"Because Tia, you need to look around you. This is not the place a woman like you should be living. Your life is in free-fall, and whether you admit it or not it is about to become a whole lot worse. I am offering you a job doing something you are GOOD at" Her derisive snort saw his voice harden. "Let us be clear about one thing Tia. I am paying for your secretarial expertise and nothing more. The personal requirements you find so disgusting are there because I am a realist. Two people alone on an island in constant contact with each other WILL end up in bed together, it is human nature"
"Please leave", her voice was almost a whisper as he grew silent. Finally with every nerve in her body taut she looked over her shoulder, holding down the small groan as he stood so close, her sight filled with the expensive cloth of his suit. A gasp was ripped from her as his large hands gently grasped her shoulders and turned her to look at him, Tia finding her eyes rising before they met his. Once more a small shudder ripped through her as her whole body reacted to his closeness in an unfamiliar manner.
"Did you ever think that maybe you need to take back control of your life? And I mean in every way. Perhaps you need to cut loose and explore yourself Tia. I am offering you the chance to get your life back in order and explore what you yourself are capable explore your own sexuality. Not with any of the constraints of romance or expectations of marriage...Just of raw attraction" Tia swallowed as his long fingers felt so warm through the thin material of her night clothes, her mouth suddenly so dry, as she croaked incoherently, "I...I", her eyes wide, her insides flipping disconcertingly.
"I find you attractive tell me...Knowing that I will never expect anything more from you, and in fact will insist that once the month contract is up, that we never see each other again...are you attracted enough to me to explore your own boundaries?"
Wide-eyed she could only stare up at him as he repeated more determinedly, his fingers digging slightly deeper pulling her from her reverie, "Do you find me attractive Tia?" She knew she should pull herself from him, tell him that she found him disgusting and to demand he leave, but there was something about his words, an honesty which she had never before experienced, her eyes closing softly, a moan leaving her mouth "Of course I find you attractive...What woman wouldn't, but...I am just not comfortable with..."
Her eyes flew open once more as his small sensual laugh washed over her, "Then for once in your life Tia Trent...Do what will make you happy, not what others expect of you. Take back control of your life...Learn to be the woman you were meant to be"

With her life in free fall, Tia Trent finds herself hiding from the paparazzi after her husband, Darren, is arrested for bigamy and theft. With no money, no friends and nobody to turn to, Tia finds herself with very little money and even fewer options. Into the hell that has become her life walks Jarad King. The billionaire needs a secretary for his month-long working trip on his private island. His job offer however comes with one stipulation, that part of her expected duties will include looking after his needs outside of the office as well as inside. Can Tia really be his secretary with benefits?

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