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Saving Sophie

(The third book in the Alpha's series)
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Third book in the series Alpha's : When Sophie Lawrence finds herself under suspicion of a vicious murder she has her already upside-down life turned inside-out. With so many changes in so short a time, she must decide who to turn to for help. Will it be her recently found brother, who might have secrets of his own, or the detective whom she just cannot seem to forget and who betrayed her in the worst possible way – or did he?
With so many twists and turns she must learn to trust and perhaps she will find her happy-ever-after.
Cam Doyle is a seasoned detective. He has seen it all and had to put up with those who would seek to find ways around the justice system. When the beautiful Sophie turns up, another woman trying to beat the system, he is bowled over by her, never truly able to put her out of his mind, and when she needs his help, like a white knight he finds himself sacrificing everything for her. But Cam is a realist. He understands that what they have is fleeting, that he is a cop and she a star. He understands that happy-ever-afters only happen in fairy tales.
With a killer and stalkers following both, they have to learn to trust each other and who knows? They might find that sometimes life hands you a fairy tale.
Sophie heard the door open, her body stiffening once more. “I told you detective that I have nothing more to say. I want my lawyer and I want my brother contacted”, the bitten-out words harsh.
“Sophie.” This was a different voice, a familiar one. Turning, briefly there was relief in her eyes, her body starting to rise from the seat, before the memory of his betrayal once more caused her to drop down, her head moving to the side. This time her voice was lower, hurt. “So they sent you in did they? Thought I might be more willing to admit to something I didn’t do if they sent in the love rat Cam Doyle? Well like I said to the other one, I am saying nothing more until I see my lawyer. And I did not kill my mother”, real pain in the final words.
Cam dragged in a deep steadying breath before striding over to the table. Dropping a folder onto the desk, he opened it, Sophie not looking as her eyes slid down to stare at her hands. “Read it Sophie”, Cam’s tone full of authority.
Glaring briefly at him, she found herself unable to disobey him, her look finally dropping to the single sheet of paper. The picture of the woman she had seen briefly the day outside his apartment looked back at her, her eyes widening as she read the report, her mouth dropping in stunned shock.
“Miranda has been stalking me for months. She has broken into my flat, she has waited naked on my bed for me, she has even called dates telling them that she was my girlfriend, but till she did what she did to you I ignored her. I hoped she would get bored and move on, but that was the final straw for me. I now have a restraining order against her and if she so much as puts one foot out of step, then I will see her ass in prison. And Sophie – I absolutely know you did not kill your mother.”
This time there was no holding Sophie back as she flew from the chair, her arms flying around his neck as her shaking body plastered itself to him, tears wetting his skin as she began sobbing. He held her hard to him, soft soothing sounds coming from him as she cried for her dead mother.
“It’s OK Soph. I’ll help you, I’ll find who did this. I promise you that”, his voice calm, gentle.
Even when the door was torn open, his eyes taking in the sight of his angry boss and Lebowski, he did not release her, holding her tightly as she clung to him.

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