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The Russian's Deal

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Vitaly Antonov has wanted Summer Bianchi from the moment he met her. However, while there is no denying the attraction the young fiery woman has for the billionaire, she is not about to become his next play thing. When circumstances take a turn and Vitaly is the only person who can help save her sister, Summer is forced to become the one thing she promised never to be - at his beck and call. But can Vitaly ignore the way Summer makes him feel? Will he overcome his demons from the past, and let them have a future?
Walking around the sumptuous room, Vitaly pointed out the closet and the large en suite, before smiling at her, "I hope this room is to your liking. Mine is down the hall."
Surprise filled Summer, her eyes widening, "I get my own room?"
Vitaly paused, surprise in his features, "Of course - do you not want your own room?"
Rushing forward, a relieved smile on her mouth, her head nodded, "Yes, of course. I just... Well I thought... "
His lips curved once more, "No. I prefer my own space. I don't see why our agreement should impede either of our privacy. You are free to do as you wish. If you need anything my staff will be only too pleased to provide for you."
"What happens now?" her voice nervous, wary.
Raising a brow in surprise he shrugged, "Do whatever you want. I have some business matters to deal with. When I need you I will call for you, until then as I say my staff will be happy to cater to all your needs."
Summer froze, her brows snapping together, her tone dripping with disdain. "Cater to my needs - a fitting phrase. They cater to most of your needs, and I am here to cater to the rest." Her head rose, eyes meeting his in challenge. "So, until then I am put away in my box, out of sight, until you're ready to take me out and play with me? So I am just here for what? To satisfy some bodily function... Like a sandwich when you are hungry?"
No woman had ever talked to him like this. Vitaly stared back at her in disbelief before he burst out laughing, "A sandwich? Did you really just liken yourself to a sandwich?"
Across from him Summer raised herself to her full height, her small hands fisting angrily by her side as pink suffused her smooth cheeks. "How else would you describe this? Isn't that what you are doing? You compartmentalise everything", her voice mimicking someone making a list, "Stove in kitchen... Check. Big-assed TV in living room... Check. Living sex doll in bedroom... Check. You are just filling your house with the right accessories - and you are treating me like one. 'You stay here until I call for you?' How else should I see it?"
Vitaly stopped laughing, his eyes narrowing, "Perhaps I am just giving you a chance to settle in. Many would see that as considerate."
Lifting her chin she gave him a scornful snort, "Yeah, right. You are so considerate", pausing as she tried to calm herself, pull herself together. "So how exactly does this work? Do we meet for dinner, make some small talk and then I fall into bed with you, swooning over your prowess between the sheets till your body is satisfied? Then you toddle off to your own bed and enjoy your 'privacy'?" Her eyes grew even wider as another thought came to her. "Or do you just kick me out of yours and send me back to my pretty little box until I am needed... When you 'call for me' again?", her eyes full of contempt.
His mouth tightened, even as the unpleasant tendrils of guilt twisted around him. It had not even been his intention to eat with her, he planning on visiting her later that night, anger from his own guilt making him step closer to her. "You are not my girlfriend Summer. We have an arrangement. I provided a service to you... "
"And I service you in return. Spare me the fine print, I know the deal Vitaly."
Her eyes flashed with anger as he glowered down on her. "What the hell is this all about Summer? Nobody forced you into this deal. You agreed to it."