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Her Two Tycoons

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After a whirlwind affair with playboy Mike Steele, Skyler Lane finds herself pregnant. To make matters worse, Mike is best friends with her ex-husband Tom Trent. Tom still loves Skyler and wants the two to remarry, offering her the security and loving environment he believes she needs. Mike however, wants to marry her also, because he feels that it is his duty to marry the mother of his child. With two men both determined to see their wedding rings on her finger, Skyler must choose which path to take, even if that path does not include either man.

Tom's eyes briefly closed before they flitted over Skyler, aware of her pain as she stood wringing her hands, her large eyes aghast at the scene unfolding before her, his head once more turning to Mike, lips curled back. "I love her. And just so you know... I was on my way here before my detective informed me that somebody else was here. To you she is just one more notch on your bedpost... but not to me... I came to do the right thing Mike. So why don't you get the hell out and forget all about us? We are going to get remarried and I will bring up this baby... as my child"
Mike shook his head, his body rigid with the anger within him, his hands balled, ready for a fight. "Like hell Tom. This is my child and I will be the one marrying Skyler... so that we can bring OUR child up together"
With a growl of fury Tom grabbed Mike by the lapels of his jacket, Skyler finally finding the ability to move, her feet carrying her forward as she pushed at the two men, her head shaking violently as she screamed at them, "STOP IT! STOP IT! I AM PREGNANT... I DO NOT NEED THIS!"
Her words, like cold water, saw both men fall back, their eyes resting on her, two sets of eyes full of concern as she stared from one to the other, her small body shaking, eyes brimming with tears. Tom groaned and Mike exhaled a small sigh, both men instantly becoming apologetic. "Skyler..." "Babe" each stepping towards her as she threw her hands up to ward them off, her features full of fierce warning as she glared at them both.
"How dare you come in here expecting me to fall in with your plans like a good girl", her head turning to Tom. "I am not marrying you Tom... We tried and it did not work. What happened was a sign that our marriage was not strong enough... I am not making the same mistake again... It is over" Ignoring the pain in his eyes, she turned to Mike, anger rising within her seeing the small smirk which touched his lips as he briefly looked over at Tom. "And as for you... I do not even know you... So do not expect me to marry you either", the smile dropping instantly from his lips, her look switching from one to the other. "This is not the dark ages!", her hands flying up in a 'so what' gesture. "So I'm pregnant... I know it will be rough... but I can bring this baby up by myself... I don't need either of you"