book cover of Capturing Kate

Capturing Kate

(The third book in the Sam, Bella and Kate series)
A novel by

When Kate Pallen is invited to New York to meet with a father she has never known, she has no idea what lies in store for her. After a failed kidnap attempt, she must go into hiding with the one man who seems immune to her man-eating ways.
Kai Conners, bodyguard to the rich and famous, is still reeling from being betrayed by the woman he thought himself in love with. Now his past is catching up with him, and he has the added complication of dealing with Kate, who is beautiful, smart, funny and far too much in his head.
Can Kate and Kai work together to keep her alive without succumbing to the intense attraction that burns between them both.
Pulling her hand from his, Kate could feel the frustration building within her as she stepped back from him, a snarl coming to her lips, “What’s wrong Kai? Don’t I do it for you? Do you prefer needy little daddy’s girls?”
She knew she was being unfair, but his rejection of her stung, the feeling of being trapped once more eating at her as she wrapped now-shaking arms around herself, glaring at the man who stood silently watching, his mouth now grim, his voice low. “Enough Kate. I know that you are feeling restless right now but what you are suggesting is a bad idea, dangerous even and I am telling you to calm down and choose a movie.”
Kate flung her head back, a harsh half-laugh leaving her. “TELLING me? Who the hell do you think you are? You are a glorified babysitter, and believe me, I have not needed one of those for more years than I can remember. I am more than capable of looking after myself.” With those words thrown at him she moved to the door, determined to be out of the room, away from him.
His hand grabbed her once more, this time hauling her around, making her cry out in surprise before he pushed her none-too-gently against the wall, halting her progress, Kate gasping in stunned shock before her arms flew to smack him. His hands grabbed her wrists before she could touch him, both then pulled above her head as he lent in against her, trapping her against the wall.
Struggling as much as she was able, Kate could feel the panic and frustration at being trapped within the small room swamp her, a shrill, high-pitched cry leaving her lips before his mouth clamped down on hers, the sound swallowed up as she continued to fight him.
Kai had only meant to restrain her, the way she exploded against him taking him by surprise as she struggled, her thrashing arms flailing against him as he imprisoned them securely above her head. The scream which left her lovely mouth had to be silenced, Kai knowing that even in the low budget hotel, a woman’s screams would attract attention – attention they did not need. With his arms holding her raised, he used the only other part of him that could be used to silence her, his mouth, covering hers stifling the sound.
Kate fought him, desperately trying to tear herself free, but he continued to hold her securely, her body plastered against the wall and against the hardness of him as she was completely unable to move, every part of her immobilised by him. As his kiss softened, his tongue sliding along hers, the screams turning into small moans as he shifted to grasp both her wrists in one hand while the other slid around her waist, pulling her even closer against the hardened heat of him.
She felt herself go limp, the fight fleeing from Kate as his kiss fired up other reactions, her body melding against his, the desire to escape from him disappearing as she succumbed to the insistent slide of his tongue. The hand holding her wrists dropped to comb through the long silky strands of her hair, Kate’s arms dropping to wrap around his neck, she losing herself in the taste of him, the smell of this man – this man she hardly knew, losing herself in the desire which swamped her.

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