book cover of Blackmailed Merger

Blackmailed Merger

(The first book in the Sam, Bella and Kate series)
A novel by

When Dante Durant once more appears in Samantha Trey's life, it is again to manipulate and use her. However this time Samantha knows what is going on and is determined not to allow the charismatic and gorgeous Greek to play with her heart as he did when they first met.
"So you are now working for my father.........let me guess the two of you concocted this little blackmail and if I play ball and find some good little boy who will knock me up with his beloved grandchild, you don't produce the other set of books".
Her voice dripping with disdain
"You are half right" he had replied softly
"But you know fine well I would never work for your father.........this was all my idea".
She had glared back at him.
"What is it you want Dante?"
"Your father has persuaded me of the benefits of our companies merging.........with me at the head of course. He proposes that our families combine through marriage............yours and mine...and of course from there producing for him his... how did you put it... his beloved grandchild".
Samantha had leapt to her feet, her fists clenched by her side.
"Never" she had cried.
"I will fight you every inch".
He had stood silently as she had paced the room, her body stiff and tense, anger emanating from her.
"My father would never let me go to jail this is a bluff" she had finally thrown at him, stopping with a note of triumph in her eyes.
"Now get out and on your way past explain to John why he is fired".
Dante however, had given another smile her new found bravado leaving her just as quickly as it had arrived.
"I did not think he would" he had said softly.
"But you are not seeing the big picture".
Seeing as Samantha had looked at him with confusion on her lovely face, her brows knitted together.
"What big picture?"
Dante had held her eyes once more.
"When the charges are laid against you the first thing they will do is freeze your accounts, and believe me I can drag it out for months.....years even".
"I don't care........I will manage ............ I would rather clean floors than marry you or let you anywhere near me".
Her tone full of hate
"I'm sure you would "he had said softly.

Blackmailed into a marriage to the one man she had ever loved she must protect her heart and also the secret she keeps which keeps the hatred for him burning deeply within her. But will she really be able to walk away from him again as she had so many years ago, and will he let her.

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