book cover of Billionaire\'s Second Chance

Billionaire's Second Chance

(The second book in the Sam, Bella and Kate series)
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Billionaire's Second Chance is the second in the series of books following the lives of Samantha Trey, Bella Smith and Kate Palen.

Stepping back from him, she raised her hand to stop him, her eyes pleading with Philippe to see the effort it was taking for her to hold back the tears which shone so brightly. "Don't....please don't" Making to turn, his hands shot out pulling her in harder against himself "No! I am not losing you"

Bella looked back at him in shock, her arms between them as she shook her head forcefully, her voice not as strong as she hoped, a tremor deep within "Let me go Philippe...just let me go" His head dropped to rest his forehead on hers, real pain in his voice. "How can I let you go Bella?...I only just found is this fair?"

Swallowing down the lump in her throat, her hands fanned over his chest, hurt filling her as she shook her head almost imperceivably. "It isn't fair Philippe...but we both know what has to be done...what the right thing to do is. We have only spent two days know your child is more important"

His hands moved to cup her cheeks, raising her head to look up at him as his mouth hovered over hers, real hurt in his voice "I don't want to do the right thing Bella...not when it means losing you" She remained still, not fighting with him as she knew she should. As his lips touched hers the tears fell, his and hers, the kiss deepened as the two held each other for one last time, both knowing it, both devastated by it.

Having met Philippe, best friend to Dante Durant, Bella is stunned when her budding romance is cruelly ended before it can really begin. Hurt, she returns to her life having thought herself to be over the man who had treated her so badly. Four years later however, she is hired to organise for Samantha and Dante's wedding and once more comes face to face with Philippe. Can the two put the past behind them and can they ignore the chemistry which sizzles between them whenever they are together, and more importantly will they learn from the past or are they doomed to repeat their disastrous history.

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