book cover of His Milk Maid Parts 1 & 2

His Milk Maid Parts 1 & 2

A Novella by

Natascha walked away from her boyfriend Michael when he announced his plans to bring BDSM into their bedroom. Once gone, she found herself pregnant and Michael gone.

After delivery, she lets a couple adopt her child and then contemplates what she’ll do with her life. A handsome man walks into her hospital room with a handful of cash, telling her it’s just the start if she’ll allow him access to the milk she’s started to produce.

While she’s not sure she can accept doing something so taboo, especially after she turned her back on a man for his similar wild sexual ideas, she also has nowhere to turn.

Once she makes the attempt, she’s stunned to enjoy the sensation and soon craves the millionaire’s mouth on her.

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