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Wrong Bride, Right Wife

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Having your marriage arranged is supposed to simplify things. But that's not the case for Drakos Aliko. His arranged marriage is extremely complicated.

You see, Drakos Aliko is the grandson of Orion Onasis, a Greek tycoon. And Orion made a pact with his best friend, Amos Cartier, before they became billionaires to wed their firstborns like the ancient Kingdoms, ensuring peace between the families forever. But Drakos’s mother, Thea, refused to marry Amos’s son Edward and eloped instead with his father, Christos Aliko. Which is why Drakos is now the benefactor of the arranged marriage arrangement.

But the girl Drakos is to marry, Lily Cartier, vanished twenty-plus years ago when she was three years old. Her mother, who married Edward, was an American, and the family presumes she hid Lily from them upon Edward’s untimely death to escape the arranged marriage clause.

So, Lily’s first cousin, Liana, whose father is William, Edward’s brother, will be the substitute bride. But… Liana is in love with Drakos’s brother, Konstantin.

For years, Drakos has been secretly searching for Lily. Fearful that if she isn’t aware of the arranged marriage before the vows with Liana are exchanged, she will appear afterward to contest the union, and everyone’s lives will be f*cked for having proceeded without giving her the option to marry him.

And he can't refuse to wed Amos's heir like his mother. If he doesn't honor the contract, the agreement is voided, and his Uncle Georgios will inherit everything.

Now, with only weeks away from his wedding day, the most complicated issue enters the arena.
Drakos walks into a bookstore and meets…Lacy Carter.

The publication date shown is only a placeholder. Coming in the spring, not in the winter.

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