book cover of When You Trust Me

When You Trust Me

(The sixth book in the When I'm With You Serialization series)
A Novella by

WHEN YOU TRUST ME, from the Because You Are Mine series.

New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery's novel continues as Elise discovers to what extent she is under Lucien's control--and just how intoxicating it can be...

Furious, confused, and thousands of miles apart, Elise confronts Lucien about being left in the dark, about his relationship with Francesca and Ian, and about the true nature of his mission in Chicago. But just the sound of Lucien's sonorous voice is enough to satisfy Elise for now. Even over the phone his skills of command and dominance are as thrilling as his touch. So potent, so demanding, and so irresistible Elise can't help but listen...and obey.

But the mystery deepens upon Lucien's return, when Elise overhears him talking to a stranger about matters that confuse and worry her. Lucien does admit one intimate secret that leaves her stunned...not to mention grateful that he's trusting her more. Elise is still curious, but a decadently romantic night under the stars with Lucien makes her forget everything but her growing love for him. And she's only too happy to give Lucien what she promised--her total submission, body and soul.

Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kery's Exposed To You, now available.
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