book cover of Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds

(The third book in the Rangers series)
A novel by

Young love that had to end... He loved his rag doll, pretty Dani Murdock from the wrong side of the tracks. She filled his heart, his life with the kind of love he'd only ever dreamed could be his. But as college loomed, even their love and a rushed marriage couldn't keep them together when malicious lies and harsh words ripped them apart. The worst day of his life was the day Dani ran away, not only leaving him brokenhearted, but taking with her a secret that would take years to be revealed. Lust destined to be satisfied... Twelve years later, all-pro quarterback Brand Carendon rediscovers his first love...and their son. But the years-and time apart-have changed them both. For Dani, the golden boy she loved is gone, replaced by a man hardened by life, with no love for any other but the son he never knew he had. For Brand, the only woman he's ever loved, who can fire his blood with just a look, the lightest touch, Dani is the perfect submissive, his perfect mate, if only he dares trust her after she left him years ago without a word. Note: This is a loose sequel to ""Tip of the Iceberg"" and ""Wrong Place, Wrong Time?"", although it can be read as a stand-alone. Book previously published in print in 1999 as Enduring Love but has been extensively revised and lengthened.