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Bound By Love

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Tip of the Iceberg By Ann Jacobs Nothing but a deathbed promise to his late wife would have brought Casey Weldon back to this Godforsaken college town. He's signed on as athletic director, but he soon learns the recruiting violations that brought him here are symptoms for something much more sinister. Not everyone appreciates Casey's efforts to clean things up, so he needs added security. But TJ Thomas is more than just a campus cop-she's temptation he can't ignore. The sensual pull between them is too strong to deny. Trapped alone together by a raging blizzard, the only thing TJ can't protect Casey from is herself. One touch, one kiss, fans the blaze between them and the fiery storm they unleash is every bit as fierce as the one outside. TJ brings every sexual fantasy Casey ever had to life, and the simmering sexual discovery that unfolds takes them both by surprise. Before they can have a future together they must trap a murderer, and Casey must let go of the past, resolve his guilt. He has to persuade TJ with loving domination that she's the woman he wants, not for a night, but for all time. Wrong Place, Wrong Time? By Ann Jacobs Almost an ex, now a widow since her ass of a husband, NFL star Travis, got blown away along with his groupie bimbo, Darlene Jackson is drawn into the serial murder investigation...and to the Rangers' new place kicker Vlad Ivanov, an undercover FBI agent posing as a NFL player. Sparks fly the first time Darlene and Vlad meet-and when they realize they're both into the BDSM lifestyle, those sparks burst into flame. She's into submission, he's into control...and they're both out to stop the serial killer before he strikes again. After they're seen together by a prime suspect in an upscale dungeon, Darlene becomes a likely target-and the perfect bait. Vlad has to do his duty, but he'd gladly give his life to keep his lover-and his love-from coming to harm.