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Double Shot

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This print edition contains two Tales of the Shareem stories: Rio (novel length) and Maia & Rylan (short story). The character Rio appears in both stories.

Maia and Rylan by Allyson James
Book Two of Tales of the Shareem

DNAmo created the Shareem--males genetically altered to be the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Hidden in their files is record of a secret experiment--the first and only female Shareem, a black-haired, blue-eyed woman named Maia.

Inside the DNAmo compound, Rylan, a level-two Shareem, is the bright point in Maia's life. Though forbidden to see the experimental Shareem female, Rylan finds secret ways to meet her, to befriend her, and to teach her every sinful game he knows.

But on the day DNAmo shuts down, Maia disappears without a trace. Heartbroken, Rylan will do anything to find her.

Rio, by Allyson James
Book Three of Tales of the Shareem

Genetically programmed to provide every woman's wildest fantasy, Rio is the ultimate level-three Shareem. His bad-boy smile and Shareem-blue eyes can make the most frigid woman fall to her knees and beg him to be gentle.

Nella, Princess of Ariel, has never heard of Shareem. She sees Rio only as the man who rescues her from assassination and who hides her until she can get back to her family. A friend.

But Rio can't fight his programming, and before long he's taking the sexy princess aside to give her some very interesting lessons in trust...never dreaming she's giving him lessons in love.

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