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Scarred Hearts

A novel by

Once, all champion motocross racer Charil Ross needed from life was a powerful motorcycle under her, her family's love and support, and an occasional male body heating hers. But everything changed the day her younger brother lost his life to Danny Tito's greed. Now the drive for justice and revenge rules her.

Range is a hired gun. Short of murder, he'll do whatever his clients pay him for. When Tito orders him to capture Charil in preparation for her plunge into sexual slavery, he believes the time he spends alone with the half-wild woman will simply be another job.

Everything begins to change the moment Range's ropes bind Charil to him. Even as she fights her captivity, Charil senses she's in the hands of the one man capable of giving her a reason to embrace tomorrow. It isn't only sexual energy that rages between the two wary loners. As they tentatively share thoughts, their pasts and what brought them to this point, emotional barriers start to crumble and wishes for a shared future begin to form. But even as they explore each other's bodies and hearts in Range's remote cabin, Tito remains a dangerous force.