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Jungle Cries

A novel by

Captor and prisoner.For space explorer Ram, the woman he captures serves one goal only - to guide him to the site on the planet Lamis where he can replenish his spacecraft's power supply. For Saasa, the tall, intense warrior is unlike any man she's come across before - certainly not the men of her tribe, nor the rampaging explorers who landed previously, and took something priceless from her she can never regain.But for a suspicious Ram, binding Saasa to turn her to his will is a double-edged sword. The fiery beauty is nothing like the women from his planet. Quiet, resourceful, with a warriorlike courage, suspicion soon turns to respect, from respect to something...more.The journey through the steamy jungle to the source of the power thrusts two strong adversaries into situations neither one has encountered before. And underneath that burgeoning respect is a different awareness, a primal awakening for both of them that will spark needs - both physical and emotional - neither can deny. However, Saasa holds a secret, a secret Ram must uncover before he can let her go. But by then it may be too late - for both of them.