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Brothel Night

A novel by

Take one decades-long neglected brothel.Add one no-nonsense woman from the historical preservation society.Stir in one determined developer who wants nothing to do with said woman.Flip time on its head, and Sheri Brooks finds she has become a cheeky, saucy prostitute with attitude named Star. As for Gage DeStefano, when Star calls him Tex and offers to take him on a ride he'll never forget, he doesn't so much as think of resisting. Those pistols on his hips aren't the only loaded gun he's packing.In a red velvet room designed for sex, two modern people embrace an era when men were men and women were...well, women were only too happy to oblige - for a fee. Seduced by the magic in the room, Star and Tex give each other a night neither one will ever forget.But come morning, they find out if the magic of one fantasy night can survive the reality of a new day.