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Boyfriend in a Bottle

(The first book in the In a Bottle series)
A Novella by

Be careful what you wish for. It might come with an expiration date...

Josie's been single and celibate for too long, but she won't settle for just any man. Her well-meaning friends buy a spell that is supposed to conjure the perfect man. Despite believing her friends have wasted their money, she humors them and follows the instructions attached to the beautiful bottle they've given her. Lick and wish and he will appear.

It works. The naked man she finds tied to her bed is everything she's ever wished for. Except Mr. Perfect comes with a time limit.

Kede is tired of living life by the hourglass. Once, fulfilling the desires of the women who freed him was enough, now he wants more. He wants a chance at life outside the bottle, and he wants a life with Josie - who sees him as a real man not a toy to use and discard. But he belongs to the goddess Inanna, and his time is running out...