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The three girls in the front room were half-naked, drunk and in the throes of sexual pleasure. The three men with them pawed their bodies. From the other room a baby's cry could be heard.

"Aww, let 'im bawl!" said the brassy blonde, working at the buttons of one man's shirt, while another man fondled her.

The third man disengaged himself from the other two girls. "I gotta go," he said. "Gotta make a buck."

"Stay another hour.'' one of the girls said. "Hell, you don't have to work in this country. You've got your unemployment check comin' in, don't you? And Sully's welfare for the two kids ... Stick around! If we can't make it on handouts, we'll hold up a gas station!" The child cried again from the other room.


''I'm a flesh buyer.'' he said, looking at her 44-inch bosom.

''I-I don't understand," she said.

"Girls. I make stag movies, party things. Right now I need a girl with a terrific shape and a beautiful face to do some 'specialty' items. You've got both.''

... At first the idea revolted her. Something told her she was going to regret this. But what the hell, she thought. I've done everything from borning bastards to being my own lover to selling my soul. I'll do this, too.

It's 1963. Harry Sharp, a small town mayor, meets young Emily on a commuter train. Harry doesn't believe in welfare; Emily needs it to live, and will do whatever it takes to protect her way of life. Will she even "do" Harry? What about Harry's wife? Or Harry's wife's lover?

Another potboiler from Orrie Hitt, author of smouldering 60's pulp masterpieces "Unfaithful Wives" and "Too Hot to Handle".

Kindle Editions

October 2013 : USA Kindle edition

Title: Inflamed Dames (Illustrated)
Author(s): Orrie Hitt
Publisher: Iconoclassic Books
Availability: Amazon