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Girls' Dormitory, I'll Call Every Monday, and Ladies' Man

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Three classic Orrie Hitt novels for the price of one - "Girls' Dormitory," "I'll Call Every Monday," and "Ladies' Man," complete and unabridged.

Girls' Dormitory: Will Peggy succumb to a life of degeneracy, or will she find solace in the arms of a man who'll love and protect her?
From the back cover:
"SURE, Peggy was a sweet kid, and pretty, too - which was why she would have made out just fine at a co-ed college. But Peggy had strange fears, disturbing inclinations; she preferred to go to an all-girls' school, where she could live in an all-girls' dormitory . . .
It was a foregone conclusion that Helen Lee, an older dorm mate, would be able to seduce Peggy into behavior unbecoming such a sweet, young thing. After all, Helen had been initiated, like so many college girls, by the house mother herself.
BUT Helen also was carrying on with a man - and the man, Jerry Dixon, found himself fascinated by Peggy. Tragedy suddenly threatened the gay dormitory, to be resolved in an explosive climax promising fulfilment of girlish aspirations!

I'll Call Every Monday:
Nicky Wevaer was the typical emotionally callous and untrusting caveman . . . till he met her.
"Her name was Irene . . . She was right up close. I could see the smoke coming into her eyes, dreamy and hot. I pulled her to me and I wasn't gentle about it. For an instant I worried about her husband and her plan - but I couldn't take time out to care.
There's something about a bewitching woman that always gets to the other side of a man. The side where violence and love live, in a tight embrace . . ."

Ladies' Man:
The events of the novel follow from "Monday." Nicky's back and his capacity to trust has taken another blow, though with the right woman and the right scheme, there may yet be hope for him

Nothing ruins a good book like premature line breaks and jumbles of English and strange ASCII characters. Be assured that each of the three novels in this collection has been carefully proofread and formatted for your reading pleasure.

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Title: Girls' Dormitory, I'll Call Every Monday, and Ladies' Man
Author(s): Orrie Hitt
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