book cover of Beautiful Thorns

Beautiful Thorns

(The fifth book in the Order of Solace series)
A novel by

Tenacity and Eamon...

Ten years ago, she was his Handmaiden, and she left him.

No Handmaiden has ever been returned to a patron and no patron has ever been granted a second chance for absolute solace, but when Eamon's petition to the Mothers-in-Service is accepted, Tenacity goes back to Dugal House to confront the man who broke her heart and changed her life forever.

Eamon wants only the opportunity to prove himself worthy of not only Tenacity's service and the blessings of the Order, but also the chance to gain what he so foolishly cast aside those many years ago -- her love.

In the teachings of the Order of Solace, a flower is made more beautiful by its thorns, and in matters of the heart, even flaws must be a part of love. Tenacity and Eamon have been granted another chance to be together...but can they overcome their flaws and accept the chance to embrace the truth in their hearts?

Five Principles of the Order of Solace

There is no greater pleasure than providing absolute solace.

True patience is its own reward.

A flower is made more beautiful by its thorns.

Selfish is the heart that thinks first of itself.

Women we begin and women we shall end.

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