book cover of The Zeus\'s Pack Collection, Volume 1

The Zeus's Pack Collection, Volume 1

(A book in the Zeus's Pack series)
An omnibus of novels by

In Jasper, Jasper left the Brac Pack to be with his mate, Zeus. But what he finds in Pride Pack Valley may be more than he bargained for. Can he handle a controlling Alpha and a third mate he doesn't even know exists?

In Avanti, Avanti, one of Zeus's soldiers, isn't too happy when he finds out he has a mate, even more so when he discovers there are two. Fighting against a past he would rather forget, Avanti fears that the ex alpha Jackson has killed his humanity as he struggles to accept who he is.

In Knox, Knox isn't an open-minded kind of wolf. He's shocked to the core when he discovers one of his mates is a vampire. He must come to terms with the discovery if there is any hope of him and his two mates' finding happiness--but dealing with that fact isn't all he has to fight with.

In Torem, Torem, Beta of Zeus's pack, has found his mates. When Dino runs from him and Sidney can't stay off of the Red Bull long enough to consummate their relationship, Torem takes matters into his own hands. Fighting to keep his mates alive after Sidney's former pack comes after him proves harder than he thought when he and Sidney are shot. ** A Siren Erotic Romance