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The Pride Law Collection

(A book in the Pride Law series)
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The Secret "Sunny's secret will shake the foundations of the shape-shifting world." Werelion Carlos Rivera, werewolf Declan Roberts, and human hunter Sunny Nolan are behind enemy lines in south Florida. It's a straightforward mission: track down both a possible rogue werewolf and Sunny's missing twin sister, Jaz. But the straightforward mission gets complicated when both men claim Sunny, and each other. And lions and wolves can be an explosive combination. All Sunny wants is to rescue her sister, get to know her mates better, and escape the Society unscathed to return to a simpler life. But simple is not in the cards. Sunny and Jaz share a secret that will shake the very foundations of the shape-shifting world, and neither the Society, nor Sunny's mates, will approve... The Return "Two men. One woman. Sex that sets their worlds ablaze." Jaz Nolan has problems and she knows it. As one of a handful of rare female shifters, her favors are in demand, and she already knows who her two mates are--Asa and Fisher, a werewolf and a werelion. But after escaping captivity and torture, she's spent weeks battling her fears, and she's still feeling a bit suspicious. Skittish. Nervous. After working with her therapist, she's ready to move on and put all that behind her. Now it's time to take care of business. Item one: Claim Asa for her own, the werewolf and mate who came to her rescue. The wolf who makes her imagine a future untainted by the past. Item two: Deal with Fisher, her second mate, the werelion who betrayed her and Asa in ways she's not sure she can forgive. Item three: Find the monster who kidnapped her and make him pay... The Alliance "Switching loyalties isn't nearly as hard as losing her heart." Morgan is one of the last remaining members of a once-proud lion pride. Orphaned at a young age, she and her brother, the pride's rightful king, have fought long and hard to keep what's theirs. But with their territory slipping away and an enemy at the gates, they're forced

Paperback Editions

March 2013 : USA Paperback

Title: The Pride Law Collection
Author(s): Loribelle Hunt
ISBN: 1-940223-58-X / 978-1-940223-58-2 (USA edition)
Publisher: Etopia Press
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